This database gives you access to the detailed information concerning your various applications and granted breeders rights of your varieties. The database contains only the information of breeder’s rights which are managed by RAI.

Because of the available detailed information we strongly advise you to take appropriate security measures within your company to prevent unauthorized personnel access to this database. This can be harmful to you and/or your company. Please make sure you have an appropriate authorization process, correct management of the information tools (internal/external memory, USB stick, etc.), and appropriate distribution of information by copy, print or presentations, etc.

RAI is working diligently to keep your database updated, which will be a benefit to you and/or your company. Despite this we can not guarantee you that all the information available will be correct at all times.
Furthermore we are not legally or financially responsible regarding the correctness of any information in the database.

RAI will not assume the liability for any direct or indirect damage, of any kind, as a result of, or in any way related to the use of the database, access or the inability to access the software at your disposal.
RAI is not responsible for viruses, or Trojans, etc. It is your responsibility to have an updated virus scan at your computer and/or network.

We hope that you have realised a valuable service provided by RAI by having access to this important database information.